Locoball (5years-12years)-Increase your aim by throwing at stationary and moving targets using a variety of objects; balls, bean bags, frisbees, balloons and MORE!!!

Toddlers in the Kitchen (18months– 5years)- It's OK to PLAY with your food in this class! Measure, mix, & roll your way to good times!!! Get hands on to familiarize and add fun to daily kitchen tasks & ingredients!!!

Ultimate Sports (5years- 12years)- The wide world of sports grows everyday. This class puts an exciting twist on traditional sports.

Beginner Sports (18months-5years)- You shoot...You SCORE! Explore traditional sports individually, along with teammate based activities. A different sport will be featured each week, along with the opportunity to explore any sport you enjoy most.

Sports on Wheels (5years-12years)- Exhilirating excitement for the entire body! Move yourself around on scooters while competing in traditional and innovative sports games. Enjoy lots of laughs while participatng in teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Drumming 4 Fitness (5years-12years)- Sharpen your drumming skills through different equipment and activities. An extremely FUN full body workout, increasing endurance, coordination & rhythm.

Jumping Beans (18months-5years)- Engage in a variety of jumping games guaranteed to get the heart pumping!!! Improve agility, flexibility and coordination while strengthening all gross motor skills.

HyPE'd Up (5years-12years)- A PE Style class for our homeschoolers!!! An hour packed FULL of individual, partner and group games and activities. This classs is sure to get heart rates up while having fun with friends in a safe and social environment!!!

MoveNGroove (18months-5years)- A jamming good time! Stay active and play games themed to music while improving balance, coordination,and rhythm.

Soccer Mania (5years-12years)- Sharpen up basic skills by playing mini games and activities that will focus on fundamentals that your player can continue to build on.

Parachute Games (18months-5years)- Using a parachute we focus on cooperation, non competitive play, turn taking and sharing while developing individual gross and fine motor skills.

ABC 123 Fitness (18months-5years)- Count, spell, move and learn. all while familiarizing and increasing knowledge of the alphabet and numbers 1-10.

Animal Actions (18 months-5years)- RAWR!! Unleash your inner animal while having fun playing animal themed games with friends!!!

Themed Fit Party (5-12 years)- Kick start your weekend with 2 hours of incredibly fun games, activities, snack and craft. Bring your imagination and check out a different theme each week.

Littles Themed Party (18months-5years)- Each week is a new adventure as we explore exciting group activities, individual challenges, and partner games. All themed to your favorite characters!!

Bowl-A-Rama (18months-5years)- A chance to roll your luck on one of our fun filled bowling games. Each class offers variety of bowling games and activities using the basic materials and rules, but with a super fun twist!!!!!!!



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Drop In

$30 for 20 hours
$20 for 10 hours

$45 for 20 hours
$25 for 10 hours

$5/hour per child

$20 per child 

*Unlimited Classes for 30 days
*FREE Entry to Events
*Welcome Gift
*$20 monthly memberships locked in for year
*10% OFF Birthday Parties

Kids Night Out
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$15 per child

(3 or more children $35)